March 20, 2023

Always Listening

“Be gracious to me, O Lord, for I am pining away; Heal me, O Lord, for my bones are dismayed. Psalms 6:2 “I am weary with my sighing; Every night I make my bed swim, I dissolve my couch with my tears. My eye has wasted away with grief; It has become old because of all my adversaries. (Psalms 6:7)

Today has not been one of the best days in the world. It is the anniversary of the day we lost a baby due to miscarriage (April 20, 2015). We were two weeks along and didn’t see anything coming, we didn’t even really know we were pregnant. Still, we had been trying and the sorrow was so great to be unable to have children of our own.

In Psalms 6, David is crying out to God in the midst of some very real sorrow and distress. He has agonized over the position he is in and wonders and aches for it to be over. Today, I have to say I have felt a lot like David. It’s been an emotional day and one which I have shed many, many tears. However, I try and remain strong for I know that the LORD is listening to me, loves me, and hears my sorrow and prayers.

At the end of this particular Psalm, we see David’s hope changes slightly that he is looking onward toward God bringing him relief. He hasn’t obtained relief yet, but, he knows that God is faithful and will bring him to a full circle of relief, grace, and love. In our lives, God often allows us to have trials and sorrows for the purpose of drawing us closer to him. We don’t always know a specific reason for our grief, other than the fallen nature of man in the Garden of Eden. Due to this fallen nature, “Bad things happen to good people”. However, there really is no “good” person, as Romans 3:10 tells us.

At the end of the day, we have to simply believe that God is faithful, that God loves us, and, that he will bring us through any trial or storm he allows us to tread through. Also, it’s okay to take a long nap and have a good cry followed by ice cream. Every once in a while!

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