January 30, 2023

Safe Dwellings

Answer me when I call to you,  my righteous God. Give me relief from my distress; have mercy on me and hear my prayer Psalms 4:1, In peace I will lie down and sleep,  for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalms 4:8

How many times have you called out to God? Recently, I have found myself calling out to God more than I ever have before. Dealing with a situational depression gives you a definite point of view regarding Christ. In this current world of uncertainty (COVID-19, job losses, isolation, lack of fellowship) it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain mental clarity. What does God say about this?

In Psalms, we have David (and others) who called out to God in their times of not only distress, but of sorrow, or joy and of confusion. In Psalm 4, David is distressed in the beginning, so he cries out to God- essentially venting. After that, he complains of the adversarial times he is facing, and finally, he realizes that God gives him rest and keeps him safe. The Media has us terrified to do anything but stay in our homes. There is fear and apprehension about what is coming next, how long the lockdowns and restrictions will last, and what the ultimate outcome will be.

I am reminded of David at the end of this Psalm, and am trying to see the “light” at the end of the tunnel. One thing we should take away from this Psalm is that God never tells us not to complain or cry out to him. On the contrary, we see so many examples of characters in the Bible who solely relied on God when they were under great distress. As Christians, we should remember that we have an advocate- our savior. He is able to handle all of the emotion, depression, sorrow and any other “guck” we have going on in our lives. Cry out to him, and then take comfort that he keeps us safe and makes us dwell in his comfort.

This post is part of a series on the book of Psalms.

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